Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Have you seen this collection?

This is the Wet n Wild Flirting with Fate collection.. A mysterious extremely limited edition. Supposedly there are 9 colors, I have only found 8. There is NO information on this collection anywhere online that I can find. I happened upon it by accident. There was just a random cardboard box filled with polish at the bottom of a shelf and decided to take a peak.. Thank goodness I did! The picture above was one I took of the display (which had about an inch of dust on it, but had no polish on it).

When the Sun Goes Down, My Werewolf Friend, For-Bitten Love

When the Sun Goes Down, Full Moon Rising, Make Me Immortal, Bloodlust
My Very Own Vampire

Make Me Immortal, Bloodlust, My Very Own Vampire, Love Bites

Full Moon Rising, Make Me Immortal, My Very Own Vampire, Love Bites

Full Moon Rising, Make Me Immortal, My Very Own Vampire, Love Bites

For-Bitten Love, My Werewolf Friend, When the Sun Goes Down, Full Moon Rising

Some of these colors; When the Sun Goes Down, Make Me Immortal, Bloodlust, and My Very Own Vampire were very difficult to photograph.. But they are all beautiful colors IMO..

IF you have ANY information on the whereabouts of this collection and the missing 9th color PLEASE contact me IMMEDIATELY!!

EDIT: I also found these at Ocean State Job Lots. But again they did not have the 9th color.

Edit#2: I just got an email response from Wet n Wild and they confirmed there are only 8 colors in this collection. The display must have had a misprint! Yay! This is the entire collection!


  1. I don't have any news for you but have heard some other people finding them also randomly. Which store did you find them in?

  2. I'd like to know what store you found them at as well! :D

  3. Guess I'm out of luck :(
    No CVS around here...

  4. I was just in Ocean State Job Lot last night... mine didn't have this collection =[

  5. Sigh...I just 'had' to read this....and I love these colors too.

  6. OMG I *died* when I saw the image with the collection on the back of a milk carton!!! LOLZ! XD I am so over how hard to find these L.E. Wet 'n Wild collections are. :(