Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moonlit Madness

I decided to choose a color that was not in the blue or green family for today's mani.. I had found Orly's Moonlit Madness in the clearance bin at Sally's a few weeks ago. So I decided to take that for a spin.

The name Moonlit Madness does not shout red to me at all! But what am I to say. It really is a nice color, a dark red shimmer.... It was really pretty all on its own. Then I had to go and ruin it. I had just gotten China Glaze Nova and could have sworn I saw someone use it for stamping.. I was sadly mistaken. To fix my mistake I just painted over my entire nail..

I guess they are not that bad, but it was not the mani I was planning on doing. I need to locate some Holo polishes for stamping, I think that is what I saw and thought it was a glitter. And glitters are just not polishes you stamp with! 

Unfortunately I jumped on the polish bandwagon too late to own any of the wonderful holos that were released and unless I want to pay crazy prices on Amazon or Ebay, I will just have to dream... Sigh.

So if any of my "many" followers (ha ha) out there want to bestow upon me a much coveted holo, your generousness would be greatly appreciated. =)

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