Monday, June 13, 2011

My Stamping dilemma and Color Obession!

Ok.. So I know that I really like the color blue.. But I think I need to branch out a little on my manis and use a different color!!!! Like Woah! Most of them include some sort of blue in them, today's included. I am going to try some summery color combo for my next maini.. Promise!

On to my dilemma.. How do you do a full nail stamp/konad when your nails are bigger than the stamp? Today's mani the majority of my nails are fine (the stamp barely missed the tips) but my thumb!!! Yikes! It's just a rectangle in the middle of the nail.. I need to learn some tips of the trade on that.. Or maybe I have abnormally large thumbs (please say no)?

This is China Glaze Black Diamond with Sally Hansen Color Quick in Turquoise Chrome. Let me say, I LOVE the Color Quick pens for stamping. This is also Bundle Monster Plate BM19.

See what I mean with the thumb? How can I fix this?

On a side note, Zoya is running an AWESOME promotion right now on their Facebook page. You can get Ivanka and Charla for FREE with ANY purchase (excluding color spoons).. I have already placed my order!

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