Sunday, July 17, 2011

In a Galaxy. Far Far Away.

Todays mani was part of the Monday Nail Art Challenge over at Polish-aholics Anonymous. This Monday's theme was glitter bomb. Now I am still working on my nail art skills but I figured glitter bomb was right up my alley. Plus I had just gotten the entire Wizard of Oh Ahz Returns collection which is all glitter.

I really liked the result of this, but it is a biotch to photograph (plus I am STILL using my iPhone because my Nikon Coolpix has just about had it and will not focus on anything. Grrr) It looks sooo much better in person and I think this is my favorite mani to date.

I started with a black base of Sinful Black on Black and then just went crazy with the sponging. I think I used China Glaze Ruby Pumps, Dorothy Who?, C-C-Courage, and Nova, then Milani Blue Flash, Purple Rush, and Racy Green.

The end result really reminds me of a picture of the galaxies you would see from NASA or something.. Just beautiful!!!

Blurred to see all the sparkly awesomeness. 

Close up to kind of see the galaxy effect (it is way cooler in person)


  1. It looks very pretty! I just love colors like these... plus glitter = perfect ♥

  2. Such an awesome manicure!