Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Spectra Flair Topcoat- gLORIous

I finally was able to use the Amazing Spectra Flair topcoat called gLORIous made by the wonderful Lori Hill Shadow on PAA. I was waiting for a sunny day to take pictures but the sun was just not cooperating for me and I couldn't wait any longer. But believe me this is an amazing topcoat. The base was Zoya Phoebe.

Close up to see the holo effect

Please excuse the wonky nail shape. I broke a few nails and tried to file them down... Which is a HUGE undertaking for me as I cannot stand filing my nails. It gives me the chills. I shudder to even think about having my nails filed... Uggggh. Is anyone else like that? Or am I just a weirdo?


  1. I have the same problem with filing lol! but worse when its those "sandy" rough files! i almost get nauseaus haha! metal is a bit better.. about to try glass!

  2. I don't have problems filing my own nails but I can't stand to hear someone else file theres. I had 2 coats of this SF on other day and that was all and it was gorgeous!

  3. No problems filing my nails.. Have you tried a glass file?

  4. Yes, I do use a glass file. It is not as bad as any of the other files, but it is still torture!! I am hoping that the more I do it, it will get easier. Fingers crossed.