Sunday, July 10, 2011

Storage Solutions

I finally broke down and purchased some storage for my ever growing collection (I think I may need At first I wanted to by a Helmer by Ikea but with its $39 price tag I was a little hesitant. It also seems  kinda big so I don't really know of a place to store it.  However, some fellow bloggers mentioned that Michael's Craft Stores carry another product that works. They refer to it as a Melmer and it is intended for scrapbook storage.

On Friday I got a 50% off coupon in my inbox for Michael's and I knew it was time. The orginal price of the Melmer is $34 but with my coupon it was only $17. Score!  It is a really nice solution for my collection. However, I am not entirely satisfied. The drawers don't have full support rails so if you pull them out too far they can tip and fall... Not too great with a very heavy nail polish collection. And two I have a feeling it won't take me too long to grow out of this. But again for $17 can you really go wrong?

So here are some poor iPhone pictures of my Melmer.

See my thumb supporting this? If it wasn't there the drawer would have fallen out. 

I still need to organize this and I am debating of doing it just by color or by brand and then color. Any suggestions?

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