Sunday, July 3, 2011

I'm Back! (pic heavy)

I've been on vacation for the past few weeks with no access to a computer so I have not been able to update. However, I did take pictures of the manis I did.

Base: NYC- Times Square Tangerine Creme
Stamp: NYC Penn Station

Hot Topic- No name color changing polish no top coat

Hot Topic with top coat of SV

My Hot Topic Haul. I love the silver for stamping it shows up really well. Unfortunately Hot Topic doesn't name their polishes.

Here is a fail. I tried to free hand a funky french. Didn't turn out too well.
Base: Sally Hansen- Coral Fever
Tips: Sinful Colors- Folly

I went out and bought some scotch tape and the lines for this funky french are a lot crisper.
Base: O.P.I- Play 'Til Midnight
Tips- Hot Topic No name Silver

Base: Hot Topic- No name blue shimmer
Stamp: Sally Hansen Color quick pen Turquoise Chrome

Base: O.P.I- Steady As She Rose
Stamp- O.P.I.- Funky Dunky and Ogre the Top Blue 

Base: Princessa- New Eve At Vegas
Tips: Hot Topic- No Name Blue

Blurred to see the sparkle

This was my entire vacation haul. It does include the last Zoya promo where you buy the Color- Lock System and get the Summertime or Sunshine Collection free. I chose the Sunshine collection. I found a lot of discount polishes which is pretty nice on the wallet. I can't wait to use them. Next though is my 4th of July mani. Hopefully I will be able to post that tomorrow! 

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