Saturday, July 30, 2011

Midtown Magic

The other day I was at the mall getting a replacement iPhone.. and due to many frustrations I decided to check out the beauty supply store. There are a lot of new collections coming out soon and I was hoping they had some. Well I was in luck as they had the new China Glaze Metro collection. It took a lot of self control to not scoop the entire collection up (especially since I was so frustrated with my phone situation I definitely needed a little retail therapy). However, I only purchased 2 bottles, Loft-y Ambitions and Midtown Magic.

I was a little disappointed in the shimmer/ glitter within it. It is a little difficult to see but I still like the color. It is a deep blackened brown (it looks black in some lights, or lack thereof ) with multi colored shimmer. The shimmer is mostly copper and gold. You can defiantly see the multi shimmer in the bottle but it is a lot harder to see on the nail. In my opinion on the nail the shimmer is mostly copper.

Since it is still summer I feel that I shouldn't be wearing all of these dark vampy colors ( I wore OPI Manicurist of Seville the other day and LOVED it.. Didn't get any good pics though. Sadness) Anywho, here is Midtown Magic.

UPDATE: I think Midtown Magic is a dupe for OPI DS Mystery. Yes, I know Midtown Magic has a blackened brown base and DS Mystery has a deep purple base but after 2 coats of each they look amazingly similar. I just need to do a swatch of both to compare.

Blurred to see the shimmer. See it is mostly copper.

But in the bottle you can see a lot of the gold. 

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